5 Fun and Engaging Phonics Activities for Children

Fun and engaging phonics activities for children are essential for fostering early literacy skills in young learners. These activities not only make learning enjoyable but also help children develop crucial phonemic awareness, decoding, and spelling skills in a dynamic and interactive manner.

Here are five fun activities for children that you can try to engage young minds with!

1. Painting Letter Sounds

Arm little learners with paintbrushes and watercolours. Call out letter sounds and have them paint pictures of items that start with those sounds, for example, C for Cat. By assigning a different colour to each sound, this colourful activity connects reading with creativity as well.

How this helps:
Sound association- Linking letters with real-world images cements phonics concepts. Children think more deeply when enjoying sensory exploration.

Fine motor development- Manipulating paintbrushes boosts fine motor skills, preparing hands for writing. Painting phonics blends learning with physical development.

2. Building Words with Play Dough

Roll play dough into letter shapes, then assemble them into words. Forming tactile spellings sparks understanding, allowing children to gain hands-on experience crafting words from phonetic “building blocks.”

How this helps:
Kinesthetic learning- Kinesthetic experiences make lessons stick, so shaping Play Dough into letters imprints understanding through touch for children. 

Spelling practice- Assembling phonetic pieces into words reinforces readable spelling patterns. Play Dough provides a creative, child-friendly medium for practising sound-letter relationships.

3. Singing Phonics Songs

Set letter sounds to melodies for musical memorisation. Think along the lines of upbeat tunes and silly songs with motions to make phonics fun and boost participation for better memory retention. Good examples include the “Alphabet Song” and “Old MacDonald had a Farm.” 

How this helps:
Auditory learning- Tuning in to letter sounds through song activates auditory pathways for reading, while melodies anchor phonics concepts to memory.

Confidence building- Including movements to phonics songs builds confidence and self-expression, encouraging both engagement and enjoyment.

4. Create Your Own Letter Sound Games

Get children to help invent challenges to identify letter sounds. Activities could include guessing muddled words, or matching pictures to initial sounds, where children can make suggestions on the words to be included. Involving children at the creation stage of games helps inspire creativity and personal investment in the activities, which in turn increases participation.

How this helps:
Customised difficulty- Learners get to tailor games to their level by adjusting speed, complexity, and content. Self-designed games enable productive struggle, which also helps develop problem-solving skills.

Leadership skills- Guiding peers through student-led games develops leadership abilities. Teaching their friends reinforces personal understanding.

5. Going on Letter Sound Scavenger Hunts

Hide letter tiles around the classroom, then have children seek out specific sounds. Moving through the environment to identify phonics components makes learning interactive.

How this helps:
Physical Involvement- Scouring the room for letter tiles incorporates physical activity into instruction. Much like the second activity with Play Dough, kinesthetic intelligence drives deeper understanding.

Sound Recognition- Hunting visual symbols for requested sounds cements real-world letter and phonetic awareness, while purposeful movement helps young minds focus better.

Jan & Elly’s Fun and Engaging Phonics Activities for Children

At Jan & Elly, we offer a comprehensive range of phonics programmes designed to help children of all ages and abilities develop strong literacy skills. Our expertly crafted phonics programmes are tailored to meet the individual needs of each child, focusing on building a solid foundation in phonics that will support their reading and writing skills for years to come.

Our team of experienced educators are dedicated to creating a fun and engaging learning environment where children can explore the world of phonics through interactive activities, games, and exercises. We understand the importance of making learning enjoyable and strive to foster a love of reading and language in every child we work with.

Whether your child is just starting out on their phonics journey or needs additional support to improve their skills, Jan & Elly is here to help. Our phonics services are designed to be flexible and adaptable, ensuring that every child receives the personalised attention and support they need to succeed. Let us help unlock your child’s full potential and ignite a lifelong passion for learning phonics!

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