Jan & Elly Reviews

Pei Jia Luo, mum of Felise Law

“Prior to joining Jan & Elly, Felise was learning Phonics from another centre for 6 months without much improvement in her reading abilities. With J&E,  Felise had improved by leaps and bounds in her reading within 3 months! Credit definitely goes to the teacher who is very engaging and encouraging! Felise is now in her 5th year with J&E and she is still looking forward to her weekly classes. As a parent, it is a joy to see my child looking forward to attending lessons.”

Tsui Fen, mum of En Qi and Qi Xian

My two girls joined Jan and Elly more than 7 and 5 years ago respectively. Until today, they still look forward to their weekly lesson as they learn through play and games. Thanks Jan and Elly and their teacher for maintaining the girls’ interest in English through fun learning.

Fong Yew, dad of Jathan

“I am so thankful to enroll my son at the Jan & Elly (Greenwich Branch). Jathan has been here for the past four years and all the four academic years were great for him. Jathan has excelled in his academic, special thanks to the teacher in creating an ideal atmosphere for Jathan to grow socially and academically. We as parents are very happy with our experience at Jan & Elly and would highly recommend this CPO program to anyone in the community looking for an English writing program for their child.”

Jasmine Ho, mum of Adam and Adele

Both my children started English lessons at Jan & Elly learning phonics and reading. It has been a joy for them. Each time round, they look forward to their lessons. The teachers have been very approachable, especially their class teacher. The teacher has been patiently guiding my child (and myself) in his work, and at the same time, tries to understand his personality and work along with it.

Melanie, mum of Dwight and Dwayne Lim

Both my boys (P5 and P3) have been with Jan and Elly since they were in preschool. They thoroughly enjoy learning English with their teacher who’s the most amazing and patient teacher and connects with children extremely well. They always look forward to their lessons every week with their class teacher as learning creative writing is a fun and fulfilling journey every week. Thanks to their teacher for his passion and always putting in your best to impart your knowledge.

Jass Un Janir, mum of Mika’il and Zayn

My boys, Mika’il and Zayn were taught phonics and English at Jan & Elly. Mika’il went through the program from K2 to P2 for 3 years from 2018 and Zayn from 2022. They look forward to lessons and speak highly of their teacher when asked about the lessons. Thank you, to their teacher and Jan & Elly for the great work you’ve been doing!

Lynn, mum of Lavelle

Jan & Elly offers a team of fun-loving, inspirational and dedicated educators. Thank you!

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