Phonics Taster Session

Phonics Taster Session 9 Nov 2019


We searched high and low for a style of learning that gets children excited and eager to learn. In other words, we wanted something efficient.

So we created it. Twenty-years ago.

It's a phonics style that's stood the test of time. One that's entertaining, reliable and breeds confident readers. 

Now, we're sharing it with you over a Phonics Taster Session.

Come for the experience.

Come for the knowledge of what could be.

Phonics Taster Session 9 Nov 2019

Our signature taster sessions offer parents and students a unique opportunity to explore how phonics works, how it helps in reading efficiently, and how children can benefit from utilising these skills.

The session will commence with a 1-hour phonics class where students can get a feel of Jan & Elly's style of teaching through games and activities that enhance the learning experience. Regardless of their reading level, students will be able to take away key skills on how phonetic blending can turn reading into a seamless experience.

During the session, our team will allocate some one-on-one time with each student to assess their individual reading abilities and habits through a personal phonics assessment. Usually worth $30, this assessment is a crucial step to help parents understand and zero in on where the child may be experiencing problems.

While this is going on, parents will join founder and director, Ms Elly Sim, in a specially curated workshop. She will be sharing some insights on the different reading stages children go through, and the requirements to ease into Primary One.

In this hands-on session, parents are given short activities that take them down to a child's level, so they can better understand how children pick up reading. This can greatly help parents in supporting their child's learning and overall progress both at school and at home!

AGE GROUP: 4 - 6-year-olds

TICKETS FOR THIS SESSION AT A VERY SPECIAL PRICE OF $10 (admits 1 child and 1 parent)


  • 1-hour phonics class (worth $34)
  • 1-hour parent workshop (worth $50)
  • Phonics assessment (worth $30)

For those who wish to continue their journey with Jan & Elly, we will be offering an exclusive $50 registration discount* to help kickstart your enrolment!

There will only be one date for the Phonics Taster Session this November. Information for all four branches will be on hand for your reference, so you will still be able to enquire, register and even enrol to the branch of your choice at the event.
Save the date!

Sat, Nov 9 @ Greenwich V
6.30pm - 8.00pm
1 Seletar Rd, #02-10, Singapore 807011

*$50 registration discount will be valid only on event day, unless otherwise stated.



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