Our Advisors

Daphne Tan

The English expert based in the USA who will constantly help Jan & Elly look out for the latest English language teaching methodologies and programmes. This is in line with our quest in keeping our curricula progressive and relevant at all times. 

US-based Writer and Independent Scholar

Former Fellow, Department of English, Stanford University

Former Research Scholar and Tutor, Department of English Language & Literature, National University of Singapore

B.A. First Class Honours (English), National University of Singapore

Awarded the University of Singapore Society Medal

Daphne has designed and taught courses in British and American literature as well as Critical Thinking and Writing at Stanford University, the University of Southern California, and the National University of Singapore. She has also lectured in the Department of History at Stanford University on “Politics and the Arts in Singapore.” In 2002 she was awarded a fully-funded writer’s residency at the artists’ colony of Hedgebrook in Washington, USA.

Daphne has published essays and articles on architecture, art and the politics of urban development. She is currently working on a novel as well as several nonfiction projects. Her interests include teaching creative writing by teaching the appreciation of literature and language, and also the idea and practice of creativity—overcoming creative stumbling blocks, and what it means to be a creative artist in today’s culture. Another subject of avid interest for her is children’s literature.

Dr Kit S Ng

A well established Family and Child Psychologist currently running a highly successful practice in Singapore after lecturing and practising 20 years in America. He gives our teachers and staffs an insight into identifying students’ behavioural and learning challenges and when to suggest early intervention. This goes with our belief in caring beyond the classroom. 

Psychologist, Author and Director of The Center for Psychology
PhD in Family Therapy (USA)
M.Ed in Counselling/Psychology (USA) 
B.Sc in Psychology (USA) 

Dr Ng spent the last 25 years in the US before returning to Singapore to practise psychology. He has with him 20 years’ clinical experience in a wide range of family and relationship therapies as well as child psychology. In the last decade, he served in two universities as Professor in Psychology and Family Therapy. Kit holds three different clinical licenses and two advanced designations as Approved Clinical Supervisor from Florida and Texas. He is also the author of several books in his area of expertise.


Edgar Tham

Singapore’s pioneer Peak Performance Psychologist will keep us up-to-date with the latest motivational techniques and how best to apply them in our classrooms.  

Peak Performance Psychologist and Author
M.Sc in Sports and Exercise Psychology (USA)
Registered Psychologist (Spore)
Certified Sports Counsellor (USA)
Member, Board of Advisors, National Institute of Sports (USA) 

As Singapore's pioneer Sport & Exercise Psychologist, Edgar has workedwith more than 40 different sports and performance domains from schools to world championship levels. He was the team consultant and traveling psychologist to numerous national teams preparing for the SEA Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and World Championships since 1993. 

As a Registered Psychologist, Edgar is listed in the International Who's Who of Professionals (2000) for his specialized work in peak performance psychology. He also authored and co-authored several books in his area of expertise.

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