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Jean Tan, Parent

Just want to pen an email to commend the school: from teacher to syllabus rigor to even the admin counter staff. I’ll have to say, among the various enrichment centres that I had contacts with, J&E has got to be the most outstanding.

We all love to read and it’s my dream to share the joy of books with her. So we started our reading journey young, and phonology recognition early. Beatrice reads fine but joining J&E is like adding wings to her. She has since advanced greatly with the step by step organic growth of her phonics and sight words repertoire in J&E. It’s brings me great delight to see that reading is now her favourite past time!

Teacher Paul is lively, dedicated and it’s not difficult to see that he genuinely cares for the kiddos and loves to impart. That exuberance is evident of his passion in what he does! On top of that, he brings life to the solid syllabus, and makes learning entertaining and digestible!

That is of course not the only wonderful experience with J&E. The staff at Seletar hills are extremely helpful, warm and sweet too. Their smile never fail to brighten up the front entrance. Tho the social distancing certainly adds to the gap but their warmth still radiates.

You have a great team at J&E. Here is a video of my 4.5’s reading after joining J&E for over a year, on top of home coaching. Great job Teacher Paul! People should get to know about how marvellous this centre is. 

Sarah Lam, Parent

Thank you Jan & Elly for helping my son, Noah, read so easily and quickly. He enjoys the lessons and looks forward to seeing Teacher Kellie every Sunday. Most of our friends felt the same way!


Josephine Koh, Parent
Isaac is in K1 this year, but still isn't able to read or recognise letter sounds. He was in a renowned enrichment school but it didn't work out well for him. I was recommended by a friend to try Jan & Elly, and had read good reviews about the school, so I decided to give it a try.

After the Taster Session, Isaac came out exclaiming that the class was so fun and he is looking forward to the regular class. A very good start for capturing his attention and interest!


Renae Lim, Parent
I registered Kane into Jan & Elly when he was in N2, semester 2. Jan & Elly has helped him so much, taking him from a zero English foundation to where he is now. Even his school teachers said that he is very advanced in his English language. Thanks to Jan & Elly, Kane is now in a very good place for his primary school. Thank you! I look forward to the same for my daughter now!


Jean Ong, Parent
My son was struggling with his reading even though he had been going for enrichment classes elsewhere. After hearing about Jan & Elly, I decided to give it a try. 

From the very first lesson, I could see a difference in my son's reading. He excitedly read out to me the words he learnt in class, and now looks forward to his Sunday lessons with Teacher Paul each week. I have since introduced my friend to try out Jan & Elly's classes and both her and her son are loving it!


Rachel Lee, Parent
We are grateful to the school for having her thus far, and playing a huge part in helping Rhea be an independent reader today. I must share that she is one of the strongest spellers in her primary one class too!


Winnie, Parent
Mia started at Jan & Elly in mid July 2014, when she was 5-years-old. At the time, Mia was able to recognise single-letter sounds (though not all), but wasn't able to read sight words, and needless to say, unable to blend. It got worse when her preschool teacher told me that Mia had expressed fear when it came to learning new words. 

Attending Jan & Elly took a miracle turn in her learning journey - she was always looking forward to her weekly lessons. She would tell me the activities they did in class, the sound of every word she learnt, and show me her collection of stickers she received after every lesson. The programme is very creative and engaging. The teachers and staff members are enthusiastic and full of energy. 

Teacher Jamie and Teacher Shika would take time to communicate with me on what was being taught and let me know her progress. After one term in Jan & Elly, we saw a rapid improvement and a happier child. This is the commitment of Jan & Elly teachers and staff that helped boost Mia's self-esteem, and elevate her confidence in the language.

Today, Mia is an avid reader and is reading young adult books.


Mrs Tan, Grandmother
Some parents think that Jan and Elly is too expensive but I thought about my grandchild's future and that it would be a good investment. 

At the time my grandchild, Reily, joined Jan & Elly he did not know the beginning letter sounds and could not read any words. I was concerned because he is starting P1 next year. I took him to a specialist who suggested learn phonics. I enrolled him into the individual intensive classes so he could accelerate his learning by completing more than one lesson per week. 

After completing the program I can defintely say it was worth the investment. He has benefitted a lot by learning new words. By studying at Jan & Elly, my grandchild has learned to read with understanding within 6 months.

Now that he has caught up with his classmates, I've enrolled him in the regular weekly class program.

Thank you Jan & Elly.


Theodore M.T., Student
Hello, I am Theodore, one of the students in Jan & Elly.
Jan & Elly is the best place to learn English and I like to learn there. My friends and I have learnt so much from the teacher. He always does funny things with us. At the end of the class, we always play an extremely fun game with him.

Jan & Elly makes my English score one of the best in my class. The teacher teaches us new words, how to write a story, comprehension, phonics reading and more.

Jan & Elly is the best place to learn English!


Mrs Seah, Parent
I would like to thank teachers Josie and Destin for their patience and fantastic teaching this past year. Christian has really blossomed and enjoyed his time there.


Ellen, Parent
Dear Teacher Gail, 
Many thanks for your guidance. Le-Ann really enjoys your class. I have seen her growth in the class - not just the marks but her confidence and independence. She has insisted that she wants to be in your class next year!


Mr and Mrs Jack Tan, Parents
Our daughter, Isabella Tan under the guidance of Teacher Paul in English Creative Writing has shown tremendous improvement in her final year examinations. She has achieved 82 marks in her English when she usually gets borderline passes. My husband and I are very happy that we sent her to your learning centre. We are of the opinion that the tuition fee that we have invested for Isabella is well worth it. Thank you Mr Paul for your effective coaching.  


Mr and Mrs Gurdeep Grewal, and Sandeep and Aniljitt, Family
To all the dedicated teachers, 

Sandeep and Anil have been with your centre for the past 4 years. Their success would not have been possible without your constant love, care and dedication.

Our boys have certainly benefited a great deal being with all of you lovely teachers.

We thank you very much for all your effort and dedication.


Mr and Mrs Neo, Parents
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the centre for nurturing the good reading habits and imparting effective reading skills in our two boys especially the elder one, Tuan Lok.

Special thanks to Anne for her helpfulness and sharpness in detecting the reading problems of the boys. She has been giving us sound advice.


Mr and Mrs Tan, Parents
We would like to extend our utmost thanks and appreciation to Teacher Alyson and Teacher Lance for their patience and guidance and to the Jan & Elly team for your amazing curricula.

Both Enzo and Misha had indeed their most enjoyable learning of English for this whole year, we have no doubt that your team at Jan & Elly have truly fulfilled your Mission and Vision.


Azianah, Parent
My son, Danial, was apprehensive at first when I brought him to the J&E pop-up class at Labrador. Things turned around quickly when the class started. His eyes shone with excitement and I could tell that he was having a whale of time. At the end of the class, Danial kept asking if we'll be back the next day and even to this date, he remembers Teacher Lance & Teacher Destin fondly, recalling the games and fun activities they had. 


Jiahui, Parent
We are now at the half-term mark for Nadine's Phonics Intermediate classes at Jan & Elly. I am so pleased that Nadine is starting to read well. In fact, her Speech Therapist and her Literacy Therapist have both started commenting that she is showing vast improvements!


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