Children’s English Enrichment Class:

Reading, Writing and Comprehension

Learning English is a valuable skill that can support children’s development and set them up for a lifetime of success.

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Why choose Jan & Elly?


Fun lessons in a comofrtable learning environment

Small class size

Passionate and approachable teachers

Innovative teaching strategies

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No matter which stage of learning your child is at, we have a programme suitable for their skill level that will foster an excitement for lifelong learning.

Parent Testimonials

Both my boys (P5 and P3) have been with Jan and Elly since they were in preschool. They thoroughly enjoy learning English with their teacher who’s the most amazing and patient teacher and connects with children extremely well. They always look forward to their lessons every week with their class teacher as learning creative writing is a fun and fulfilling journey every week. Thanks to their teacher for his passion and always putting in your best to impart your knowledge.

Melanie, mum of Dwight and Dwayne Lim

Phonics Advanced

The letters you already know, made easy.

We combine phonics with basic instruction, so that reading becomes a natural progression just like eating, or sleeping. By continuing to innovate our teaching methods and lesson plans, we are able to keep students on their toes. Gradual progression is important to engage students and encourage them to keep building their skills while never leaving them feeling overwhelmed.

So simple, it’s powerful.

The simplest things are often the stuff that stays ingrained in us for life. That’s what you’ll notice. Letters become words that roll off our tongue, words become sentences, and reading becomes stories. It’s a transformative process and one we’re sure your child will love being a part of.

Jan & Elly student in green writing in class

Phonics Advanced

The gift that keeps on giving.

True phonics comprehension is not all about rattling words off a chart, though that can be cool. Our curriculum is about interpreting the phonetics in ordinary spelling, so you can recognise words just like that, independently. No fancy stuff. Just real letters and real words. Natural and easy.

Read like no one is watching.

Wait, there’s one more thing! What’s the point of learning precise pronunciation, sentence structure, and bombastic words if you’re not enjoying it? Sure, you will develop all of these skills, but you will also have the opportunity to learn how to enjoy every bit of the process. At Jan & Elly, we place importance on learning phonics in a fun way, and that’s what’s going to set you apart.

Enriched learning for children

In every child, there’s a sense of wonder. The starter course we provide will help students learn how to bring a story to life by immersing them in active brainstorming sessions as well as using strategies that generate creative ideas. Under the guidance of our trained educators, your child will feel excited to share their imaginative thinking and effectively communicate ideas that can be put into words.

Transform simple ideas into creative stories through basic sentence structure, paragraph formation and effective vocabulary. We supplement your child’s sense of wonder with an introduction to comprehension, spelling and sentence re-arrangement skills. By giving students the necessary tools, our program will steadily help them build up the framework for storytelling through writing, from the ground up.

Student coloring connect the dot picture in our Singapore English enrichment centre

The importance of enhancing your child’s English skills

The earlier that your child starts developing their English language skills, the sooner they will be able to read and write independently.

By starting an enriched English language education young, your child will:

Developer the skills they need to read, write and speak English on their own.

Prepare for the PSLE and excel at it.

Build confidence in their ability to understand the English language.

To give your child a head start on building these essential skills, book a phonics assessment or trial class with the Jan & Elly English Lnaguage School and Enrichment Centre. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have and talk through some of our programme options.

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