Jan & Elly Jakarta

Is Jan & Elly Jakarta affiliated to the long-time establishment, Jan & Elly Singapore? 

The simple answer is NO.

Hello! You arrived at this page because you were looking into “Jan & Elly Jakarta” for your child’s English language needs.

There’s something very important that you must know before you look further or decide to enrol your child in one of the programmes in the so-called “Jan & Elly Jakarta”.

If you have been made to believe that “Jan & Elly Jakarta” is affiliated and somehow connected to the well-known Jan & Elly Singapore brand, please know that it is NOT.

Jan & Elly Singapore stopped all affiliations and has not granted any permission to any businesses in Indonesia to use the Jan & Elly brand, workbooks and curriculum since 29 July 2019. You can only find the genuine Jan & Elly and its up-to-date curriculum in Singapore.

Jan & Elly also did not authorise or permit the “Jan & Elly Jakarta” Facebook page to list our website (jan-elly.com). This greatly misleads you and any reader into thinking that they are associated with the original brand in Singapore.

Please be aware that any company claiming to offer a Jan & Elly curriculum in Jakarta is misrepresenting  and not genuine.


The Jan & Elly English Language School

Elly Sim founded Jan & Elly in Singapore in 1995. It currently operates only in Singapore with Elly as  head of the curriculum team. The team revises and keeps the curriculum fresh and up to date.

Additional Notes: Jan & Elly is a supporting partner of Singapore’s Speak Good English Movement (SGEM), and collaborates with them to conduct free public English pronunciation awareness workshops and advocate for good spoken English. We have been awarded the “Best of the Best Enrichment & Learning School” title by Parents World Magazine for 2011-2012, 2012-2013, and most recently 2016 – 2017. We are also a proud recipient of the Asia Pacific Brands Award 2014 conferred by the Trade & Industry Association (Singapore) and Asia Business Journal.

Founder & Director

Elly Sim

  • Bachelor of Science in Child Development & Psychology (US)
  • Member of IRA (US)
  • Former Committee Member of NAEYC (Denton, Texas, US)

Our founder and director, Elly Sim, leads us to greater heights of excellence every day.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Child Development & Psychology from University of North Texas in the United States, where she is also a member of the International Reading Association (IRA) and a former committee member for the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

She likes to joke that if she were ever to open a cafe next to the Jan & Elly English Language School, she would call it “Jam & Jelly.”

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