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Master the basics.

It's fun. It's playful. But best of all, it's efficient. We lay out the mat and set the basics right. Because proper foundation of letter sounds makes reading a breeze. Notice the difference right away.

Like the back of your hand. 

Sing your way to an easy rhythm. Uncover the catchy sounds of each letter. Work your way through crafty sessions. In Phonics Readiness, the world of letters is magnified, so you know every curve and line of the alphabet from A - Z. Big and small. Loud and clear.

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The letters you already know, made easy. 

We combine phonics with basal instruction, so reading becomes a natural progression. Just like eating, or sleeping. It's progressive so you're never overwhelmed, yet innovative so you're always on your toes.

So simple, it's powerful.

The simplest things are often the stuff that stays ingrained in us. For life. That's what you'll notice. Letters become words that roll off our tongue. Words become sentences that become reading that become stories. It's a great process and one we're sure you'll love being a part of. 

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PHONICS ADVANCED (for ages 5 - 6)

The gift that keeps on giving.

It's not all about rattling words off a chart. Though that can be cool. Our curriculum is about interpreting the phonetics in ordinary spelling, so you recognise words just like that, independently. No fancy stuff. Just real letters, real words. Natural and easy.

Read like no one is watching. 

Wait, there's one more thing. What's the point of precise pronunciation, sentence structure, and bombastic words if you're not enjoying it? Sure, you learn all that, but you get to learn how to enjoy it. Every bit of it. And that's what's going to set you apart. 

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