Develop Your Child’s English Writing Skills

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In every child, there's a sense of wonder

A good starter course to help you bring a story to life. Learn how to generate creative ideas through interactive brainstorming sessions under the guidance of our trained educators.

Give that wonder an edge

Transform simple ideas into creative stories through basic sentence structure, paragraph formation and effective vocabulary. We supplement your sense of wonder with an introduction to comprehension, spelling and sentence re-arrangement skills. We build you from the ground up. 

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Experience the magic of words

Expand your narrative range, descriptive powers and expository skills. As you progress, we introduce more challenging activities to sharpen your writing tools. Master brainstorming, drafting, editing and publishing - a remarkably precise process the best authors use. 

Beyond the grades

Grades fleet. Skills do not. Grow into the confident, bold writer you are, with refined techniques that will carry you beyond the classroom. 

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