When Elly Sim had her daughter Sara, she sought out a fun, safe and loving educational environment for her to build her language skills in English, develop a love of learning, and interact socially with other children.

She found Singapore lacked the kind of educational environment she envisioned for Sara, and developed her own curriculum based on the latest child development and psychology standards of the day.

As her curriculum grew, she began to invite other children Sara’s age to participate, adding classes tailored to older students as Sara grew older. Year by year, Elly developed Playgroups (designed for ages 2-3), Preschool (for ages 4-6), and phonics and writing classes suitable for children up until the age of 12.

The Jan & Elly school began to specialise in teaching the English language, with a heavy emphasis on phonics to facilitate quicker reading and better pronunciation.

Elly has always wanted the best for her children, and she knows that other parents feel the same. The Jan & Elly school focuses on showing children that learning is lots of fun, with interactive games that involve lots of motion and engagement.

Our students, we’re proud to say, are eager to come to class and start learning because they enjoy their lessons so much, retaining more information and challenging themselves constantly with new sounds, words, and reading and writing accomplishments.

When Elly Sim founded the school, she had recently earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development & Psychology. Her knowledge would form the foundation for the practices that have worked so well to help children enjoy learning. All of our teachers constantly engage in research and development to create better lesson plans, programmes, and methodologies from all over the world.

Every parent wants great things for their child. At Jan & Elly, we start your child off with an incredibly valuable insight that will pave the way to greatness: learning is fun.

That truth will help them be wonderful lifelong learners whose thirst for knowledge will help them achieve anything – and everything – they set their minds to.

Additional Notes: Jan & Elly is a supporting partner of Singapore’s Speak Good English Movement (SGEM), and collaborates with them to conduct free public English pronunciation awareness workshops and advocate for good spoken English. We have been awarded the “Best of the Best Enrichment & Learning School” title by Parents World Magazine for 2011-2012, 2012-2013, and most recently 2016 - 2017. We are also a proud recipient of the Asia Pacific Brands Award 2014 conferred by the Trade & Industry Association (Singapore) and Asia Business Journal.



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